AIPA's joint submission to the APAC Consultation on Standards

12 Oct 2016

AIPA, with the Australian Indigenous Psychology Education Project (AIPEP) team and Indigenous Allied Health Australia (IAHA) provided a submission to the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC) consultation on standards for undergraduate and postgraduate psychology programs.

The submission focussed particularly on increasing the cultural responsiveness of psychology graduates and psychology professionals.  In particular it stated:

"A culturally responsive psychology workforce is imperative to APAC’s mission to protect the public. AIPEP, AIPA and IAHA contend that a psychologist who is not competent in Indigenous health is not a competent psychologist. In order to “ensure graduates of accredited programs receive high-quality education and are well equipped to employ their psychological knowledge and skills in the community” there must be a conscious and visible focus within the psychology curriculum (including pedagogy and assessment). It is therefore critical that the APAC Accreditation Standards for Psychology Programs stipulate the minimum standards needed to meet the unique needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples."

The submission provided guidance and recommendations in relation to terminology and inclusion, social and emotional wellbeing, assessor tools and training, psychological tools and interventions,  each of the standards domains, and graduate competencies.

The submission also called for the standards to:

"Explicitly articulate the evidence requirements at all graduate competency levels that outline the structures and processes in place to ensure graduates can engage in culturally responsive practice when working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples."

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