Leda Barnett

Leda Barnett


Leda’s educational qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), a Bachelor of Education (Primary), and a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours).  Leda is currently working as a psychologist-intern.

Professional Experience

Leda has published articles on Indigenous ways of knowing and Indigenous women with disabilities and has researched chronic disease management in Australian Aboriginal communities. Her experiences in Indigenous research have allowed her to explore the meaning of holistic health in Australian Aboriginal culture and its relationship with the Western medical system.
Leda co-authored AIPA's submission to the Senate Affairs Committee Inquiry Into Suicide in Australia and recently appeared before the Senate Affairs Committee to present AIPA's views on this issue.  

Areas of Interest / Expertise

Leda is interested in the following issues:
  • Chronic disease management
  • Child and youth issues
  • Indigenous psychology
  • Indigenous ways of knowing
  • Indigenous suicide

Recent Publications

Barnett, L. & Barnett, D. (2009). Australian Indigenous health and the SIPES Model of Well-being: The legacy of Lauraine Barlow.  In Marshall, C., Kendall, E., Gover, R. & Banks, M. (Eds), Volume 2, Disability: Insights from across Fields and Around the World (pp. 111-128). Westport, CT: Praeger Publication.

Kendall, E., Milliken, J., Barnett, L. & Marshall, C. (2008). Improving Practice by Respecting Indigenous Knowledge and Ways of Knowing In S. Taylor, M. Foster & Fleming, J. (Eds.). Health Care Practice In Australia: Policy, Context and Innovations. Oxford Press.

Kendall, E., Marshall, C., Catalano, T. & Barnett, L. (2007). The Spaces Between: Partnerships between Women Researchers and Indigenous Women with Disabilities. Disability and Rehabilitation. Centre for National Research on Disability and Rehabilitation Medicine, Griffith University, Australia & Northern Arizona University, USA.

Hunter, B., Kendall, E., & Barnett, L. (2006). Indigenous Self-Management: Developing a Culturally Appropriate Program.  Griffith University and Arthritis Queensland.

Barnett, L. (2006). Chronic Disease Management for Murris: Culturally Appropriate Methods (Honours thesis). 

Current Research

Suicide prevention in Indigenous communities.