Carmen Naivalu (nee Cubillo) - Approved area of practice - clinical psychology


Carmen is a Clinical Psychologist and a student member of the Australian College of Clinical Psychologists.

Professional Experience

Carmen recently returned to her birthplace to attempt a PhD at Charles Darwin University.  She hopes her past and present research will shed light on the underlying issues of Aboriginal mental health and well being, and will contribute to improving practice and research with Aboriginal communities.

Carmen was a founding member of AIPA's Steering Committee 
and until recently was the convenor of the APS Interest Group Aboriginal and Torres 
Strait Islander Peoples and Psychology.
  Carmen stepped down from both positions to focus on her PhD.

Areas of Interest / Expertise

Carmen’s interests are:  transcultural counselling, attachment problems, psychotherapy with children and adolescents.

Recent Publications

Robinson, G., Moss, B., Jones, Y., Robertson L., Cubillo, C.  (2007). Every Child magazine - Thinking and problem-solving: The Let’s Start Program, 13(3)12-14.

Guthrie, J., Dance, P., Cubillo, C.  (2006). Working in Partnership: skills transfer in developing a cross-cultural research team. Journal of Community Psychology, Vol 34(5): 515-52.

Dance, P., Tongs, J., Guthrie, J., McDonald, D., D’Souza, R., Cubillo, C., Bammer, G.  (2004). An analysis of needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Illegal Drug Users in the ACT and region for treatment and other services. Department of Health and Ageing, Canberra, ACT.

Current Research Activities

Carmen's PhD topic is:  Evaluation of the Lets Start Exploring Together Program 
being implemented in the Northern Territory.  The project focuses on 
measuring changes in observed parent-child interaction within the Let's Start Exploring Together Program in the Northern Territory.