Christine Gillies - Approved area of practice - clinical psychology

Chris Gillies


Christine completed an honours degree in psychology in 1984 and a PhD in clinical psychology in 1996.

Professional Experience

Christine has significant experience in inpatient, community based and WorkCover sponsored rehabilitation assessments, treatment and legal opinion.   Christine has a private practice in Wollongong.

Areas of Interest / Expertise

Christine is interested in the following issues:

  • Indigenous occupational health and safety in the workplace.
  • Burnout prevention and prevention of occupational stress injuries while providing healing.
  • Problems associated with the provision of Workcover assessment and treatment for Indigenous clients.
  • Diagnostic issues in the clinical assessment of Indigenous persons undergoing legal, compensation and psychological impact assessment.
  • Shortcomings of the DSM 1V. Indigenous specific idioms of distress beyond culturally bound syndromes.         
  • Conceptual issues in the interpretation of culturally bound syndromes when developing a clinical formulation.  .
  • The cultural organisation of neuropsychological functioning.
  • Early diagnosis of regulation disorders in Indigenous children.
  • Culturally appropriate trauma models and healing methods for
  • Indigenous trauma victims.

Key Publications

Gillies, C.K., (2007). Institutional Safety:  An Important Step Towards Achieving Cultural Safety.  InPsych, Feb.

Gillies, C.K., (1988) Caring For Carers.  Misconceptions regarding the role of Carers of Dependent Aged People.  Conference Proceeding - Aging in Perspective.  University of Wollongong.

Gillies, C.K., McClatchie, G and Troiani, J.P. (1987). Caring for the Dependent Aged Person In a Non-Metropolitan City.  Department of Health NSW, State Health Publication No. (ILR) 87-024, ISBN, o, 7305, 3232, 1.

Gow, L & Gillies, C.K (1984) The Illawarra Buddy Scheme. The Australian Journal of Rehabilitation.