Tania Dalton

Tania Jones


Tania is a registered psychologist with a Masters in Health Science and Behavioural Science from Victoria.  Tania is a founding member of the AIPA Steering Committee, a member of the AIPA Cultural Competence sub-committee and the national coordinator of AIPA's Cultural Competence 2010, 2011 & 2012.  Tania has led the development and implementation of AIPA's Cultural Competence workshop.

Tania works with Indigenous Communities in the Barwon Southwest region as an Indigenous Family Violence Regional Coordinator.

Tania adapted James MacGuires Cognitive Skills program for Koorie male and female offenders in prison and further adapted it for Koorie community corrections offenders.

Tania is  an experienced facilitator of Cultural Competence, Indigenous Family Violence,SEWB and Courageous Conversations.  She is actively involved in the Aboriginal community and has a commitment to social justice, health, SEWB, employment, education and training.  She is an experienced consultant and project manager and has strong networks in Victoria and nationally.  Tania is an IFV regional Coordinator and a member of NASAIV and NATSISWA.

Areas of Interest / Expertise

Trauma, grief and loss (Stolen Generations), family violence, cultural competence (standards and practice), Employee Assistance Program and  Critical Incident Response.