Stephen Ralph - Approved area of practice - forensic psychology


Stephen has a M.A. (Hons) from Sydney University.  He is a member of the APS College of Forensic Psychologists.

Professional Experience

Stephen is in private practice and is a consultant in family law and child protection; preparation of court reports; psychological assessments; counselling and therapy with individuals, families and children.

He is a Regulation 7 Family Consultant (Federal Magistrates Court); Accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and an accredited Cognitive Behavior Therapist (CBT Australia).

Stephen has had 18 years experience working within the Family Court of Australia as a Manager/ Family Consultant, including 5 years as National Coordinator (Indigenous Programs) within the Family Court; 8 years experience working within state welfare departments In QLD and NSW.

Areas of Interest / Expertise

Stephen is interested in:  Indigenous issues in family law and child protection and preparation of court reports.

Recent Publications

Ralph, S. (2006) The New Family Law System: A New deal for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Families? 12th National Family Law Conference Handbook.

Ralph, S. (2006) Recent Initiatives in Family Law and Implications for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Families, Family Matters, Issue No. 43.

Ralph, S. (2004) Family Court Mediation and Indigenous Families, Indigenous Law Bulletin, Volume 6, Issue 5, August / September.

Ralph, S. (2004) Addressing the Needs of Indigenous Women In the Family Court, Indigenous Law Bulletin, Volume 6, Issue 1, March /April.

Ralph, S & Meredith, S. (2002) Working Together: A Model of Mediation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Families in the Family Court of Australia, Family Court Review. Volume 40, No.3, July.

Ralph, S. (2000) Family and Child Counsellors working with Aboriginal Families, In Dudgeon, P., Garvey, D., and Pickett, H. (Eds) Working with Indigenous Australians: A Handbook for Psychologists.

Ralph, S. (1998) The Best Interests of the Aboriginal Child in Family Law Proceedings, Australian Journal of Family Law, Volume 12, No. 2.

Ralph, S. (1997) Working with Aboriginal Families: Issues and Guidelines for Family and Child Counsellors, Family Matters, Issue No. 46, Autumn.